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Resolve the pain.

Rise from grief.

The Grief Recovery Method  ® 

Group and One on One Programs 

Helping Children with Loss

The Re-Creation: Life Project 

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Kerry Hager

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist from the Grief Recovery Institute, BA in Community Psychology from CWU, Former Complimentary Healing Arts Practitioner, Reiki Master 

 Intimate experience with Loss and the Grief that follows. 

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

  No, you are not going crazy.

It just feels like it. 

What if we were able to clear all the leftover unresolved communication between us and our lost loved ones? What if we were able to decrease the pain from loss in a healthy way with tools we could use for any loss going forward in our lives?  The Grief Recovery Method Program ® is a compassionate action program  teaching the correct information about grief and giving you the toolbox you wish you had to help resolve a lot of the pain and to be open to happiness again.

7 sessions/once a week/over Zoom 


Are you lost at how to help the grieving children around you?  Our backpack of grief begins to fill in childhood and children are often the last to get care during a loss. This program teaches how to listen, start the important conversations and how to adapt some of the grief recovery tools for kids so they can know what to do when they have loss in their lives. For parents, principal caregivers or anyone who works with children.  Whether due to a death,  family separation,  loss of a pet or health issue- this 4 week educational program can help Adults working with children learn the tools to help the hurting children in their lives.


How do you live after significant loss of a spouse? The devastating blow it makes in our lives is beyond description. A question I asked myself many times and it took me years to find out the answer- the hard and long way! This annual exclusive program helps to build a new foundation, define identity again, get clear on direction and gain a renewed sense of self and joy for stepping forward and creating the next chapter of life, faster and more thoroughly, than you would go on your own. With a community of fellow rebuilders to cheer you along and specialized guidance and support from Kerry, Adv. GRMS

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