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In person and Online
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   The incredible experience of Grief Recovery Method Program ® now able to be offered online! A program for grieving people designed by grieving people. Evidenced based in changing the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors around grief as well as significantly decreasing the pain, lonilness and isolation that grieving people experience after loss. An action program that helps you by learning effective tools to work directly with grief that you can use for a lifetime. Complete the relationship to the pain, the unresolved communications that you never got to make, the things you wish could have been better different or more and the unrealized hopes, dreams and expectations for the future. 

Are you ready to move forward? Let me guide you and show you how. 


The Grief Recovery Method ® is an Action Program for moving beyond death, divorce, and other losses. This 8 week support group format guides members through the steps including learning about grief in a new way, discovering the myths and misinformation around grief. Especially helpful for decreasing the loneliness and isolation as group members share with each other. Learn correct tools to help resolve much of the pain from loss while reviewing and completing unresolved communications

in a significant relationship.

We provide a safe, confidential and supportive environment to do this work .


Available Over Zoom

This 4 session program is primarily for parents and other principal guardians, but is also valuable for counselors, teachers, clergy and anyone else who has a working relationship with children.

If a child in your care has been affected by an overwhelming loss; the death of a parent, grandparent, sibling or someone else very important to them; or the divorce of parents or grandparents, loss of a cherished animal companion or has been affected by a series of losses, this program can be helpful to guide you in the steps to helping your child with the tools of Grief Recovery Method ® early in life so they can go on use these moving forward.

Unresolved grief begins in childhood and gets heavier to carry as it accumulates.

It's a great gift to have these tools early in life to manage life's losses. 


You've completed a Grief Recovery Method Program ® through Grief Recovery Yakima before and now you'd like to work on another relationship or loss event around your Health, Faith, Career, or other.

We have 2 options for you:

     1. Grief Recovery Alumni Online One on One - Single,1 hour sessions

2. Grief Recovery Alumni Group - Offered one time a year a 4 session Alumni Group 

A wonderful way to work deeper and free up more energy for life and work with like-minded people.

 Re-Creation: Life Group Meetings

Running Jan 17th 2023 - Dec 19th 2023

Join at any time. 

Affordable subscription for supportive and professionally facilitated

weekly group sessions.

Share in safe, confidential environment, your struggles and triumphs, as you rebuild a life after loss.

Have you had a loss or significant change in your life that has derailed you?

You have lost who you know yourself to be and what life was supposed to be?

You feel you have no idea about the future and don't know where to begin?

 Are you ready to make a commitment to take action steps to move your life forward

and receive guidance and support while doing so?


Registration is going on now.

Learn solid action steps to take to build and create your life again!

To register for this or any program sched. an appointment or call


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