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Kerry Hager, GRMS

                    Welcome! I'm so glad you found my information. Let me share a bit about my experience with you.                                         My background includes multiple social service, healing arts and instructional roles. From completing a BA in Community Psychology from CWU, to working in social services in a geriatric setting, CWCMH case management and group facilitation for Adults with Major Mental Illness and their families, to having my own Complimentary Healing Arts Practice where I specialized in helping people through bereavement and life transitions. However, the most important part of my path to becoming a Advanced Online Grief Recovery Specialist is my own journey through loss. In 2001, my family experienced the surprising loss of my father when he suddenly died from a heart attack while driving home from work. He was 55. Eight years later, my Husband Tim, didn't come home from a regular Saturday Mountain Bike ride. We had the panicked experience of searching for a missing person, and the devastating reality of finding he had died from a serious biking accident, leaving me the solo mother of two young children. He was 42. These two losses have been the most painful of my life. After a decade, my heart wanted to reach out in new ways to help others facing their own losses. I sought out specialized training and found an evidenced based and researched method to successfully help lesson the pain. Had I found this method earlier, I know I would have saved years of attempts at healing the grief in my own life and found myself able to help others sooner. I'm so excited to be guiding people through this process! It's helped me heal more thoroughly from my own losses, even after I felt I had done everything I could. Let me share this work with you so you too can get complete with the unresolved grief from life's inevidable transitions. 

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2023 Zoom Programs Schedule
to register or inquire about all programs: please call 509-480-0945

Helping Children With Loss 
(Guiding adults in how to help their children through loss)
Call for next class dates.

The Grief Recovery Method Group Program
Evidenced based action program for moving beyond the pain of loss)

8 session Program Begins: TBA

The Grief Recovery Method One-on-One Program
Always taking new clients- 15 min call to register:
call or text or email or go straight to scheduling calendar. 

The Re-Creation: Life Project  
Open group beginning Jan 17th 2023- Dec 19th 2023
Affordable monthly subscription for 4 meetings a month

Tips, Steps, Support, Sharing & Community
to Rebuilding a Life after Significant Loss
(for widowed and divorced and some other participants)

Currently registering- Open all year
Phone consultation is required for pre-registration, please schedule at

Handling the Holidays- November 2023

All programs require advanced consultation/registration and initial payment. 
Register at Grief Recovery Yakima, LLC

Too much to choose from? 
Let us help you figure out what is the perfect program for you at this time. 
Schedule a free introductory phone consultation with Kerry at:  or call 509-480-0945.

Grief Recovery Yakima, LLC is currently hosting all programs online over Zoom.

Find us on Facebook:

More Support for Grievers at Life After Loss: Reclaiming & Recreating

Grief is the natural and normal response to loss. 
It's also painful, frightening, surreal, confusing and heartbreaking.
It's new territory for most of us and it helps 
to have skilled support, correct information, and tools to work through it. 

It is my honor and priviledge to do this work with my clients,
please reach out, you will be so glad you did. 

~Kerry Hager, AGRMS



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