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8 powerful reasons to take The Grief Recovery Method Program through Grief Recovery Yakima, LLC

1. Saves you Time- Addressing your grief with a trained specialist shortens the time of suffering with the acute pain after loss. Getting the right support can help you work directly with the pieces of the loss that are keeping you from healing and go forward much

thoroughly and faster than you would go alone.

2. Saves you Money- few insurance policies cover counseling services, and you may have a high deductible. Program services through Grief Recovery Yakima are often less than traditional counseling services, and a shorter duration – in just 7 sessions you will know more about grief than 90% of people, be able to complete unfinished business on two significant losses in your life and be equipped with evidenced based tools to use going forward for any other losses in the future. Also, if your insurance policy comes with a Health Savings Account, you may be able to use that money for some or all the Grief Recovery Method program.

3. Supports your Relationships- Our communication, intimacy, friendships, and parenting suffer when we are suffering. Getting support and skills outside of these relationships can help give us what we need so we can continue to be the best we can in our roles and relationships through our healing from our losses.

4. Only Evidenced Based Grief Program- This alone is a huge reason to sign up for a Grief Recovery Method program! Studied by Kent State University, this program is now in the 3 phase of Evidenced based study – the long-term phase. So far GRM has been found to be statistically significant in changing a person’s experience of grief in a positive way. Areas of measurement include Knowledge about grief, Attitudes around grief, Beliefs about grief and Behaviors of coping with loss. It also has been found to decrease the isolation and loneliness associated with significant loss as well as decrease the acute pain.

5. Your Health Depends on Good Grief Support- Loss affects our physical and mental health negatively. Accidents, illness, and injuries increase within 6 months after loss, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, lack of concentration and energy, loss of appetite, weight loss or gain, sometimes suicidal thoughts, reckless and dangerous behaviors, increase in alcohol consumption. Even risk of death within the first 6 years after loss of spouse is dramatically increased. Having skilled support and tools helps normalize the experience of loss and helps significantly decrease the risks to your health and wellness.

6. Availability in scheduling– No waiting. We can get you started quickly. We have a Grief Recovery Method group beginning mid-April. Taking registration until April 4th on this one. Groups are nice because you get to heal along side others on this journey. If the group dates don’t work for you, no problem, maybe you have a schedule that is changing frequently. Then you can sign up any time for the one-on-one program. Sessions are conveniently arranged on Zoom, so you save traveling time as well.

7. Convenience in scheduling- In the one-on-one program, it’s easy to skip a week or change a date if necessary. You have access to the calendar and can move your appointment to another time up to 24 hours in advance of your appointment. Usually, it’s no problem to find another time the same week. Not what you will find in traditional counseling offices.

8. There is more support available going forward- Being a client of Grief Recovery Yakima, LLC, you also have the option of taking other programs if you choose. We have a menu of amazing programs available that help grievers in specific ways. Maybe the holidays are coming, and you’d like strategies to deal with that. Then Handling the Holidays After Loss program would be a great support for that time. Perhaps you are widowed and need to figure out how to create life after the loss of your spouse and future. Then The Re-creation: Life Project is an option for you after taking The Grief Recovery Method program. Or if you have children and want to know more about how to help your children through loss. We have a program for that as well. We are here to be a support to you while you navigate life after loss. You don’t have to do this alone.

You have nothing to lose with a free phone consultation to find out more about the Grief Recovery Method program and see if this is right for you. We would love to talk with you and assist you through this tender time. To book a call, find a time at this link:

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